RP 4 Forces Treatment Mask - 1L


RP 4 Forces Treatment Mask - 1L


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Product description

The Robson Peluquero 4 Forces Toner is a product for professional use designed with high technology. Contains a unique formula that meets the needs of the stylist and the results their client expects.

Its formula is completely free of ammonia and is rich in silk protein, safflower oil and the beneficial vitamin E. In addition to toning, The 4 forces Robson Peluquero offers the hair intense restoration, hydration and shine.

To achieve optimal results, the hair lightening background is very important; it should be a shade 9 or 10 with no excess gold. We recommend the use of Master Mechas bleaching powder as it is specially designed for extreme blondes.

The duration of this treatment varies depending on the need. The more waterproof the hair, the longer it should be left exposed. The opposite happens in very porous hair; that is, the toner should be left on the hair for less time since the product adheres more.

The duration of the color will vary depending on its structure and the care it receives later. It is highly recommended to use the Finish RP line to increase the duration time and the vibrancy of the color. It is recommended not to wash the hair the same day of application or wash the hair every day.

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