BRAE - Revival Traveller SET

BRAE - Revival Traveller SET

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Revival Traveller SET

An immediately effective treatment for severely damaged and weak hair. An innovative formula with impressive results.

Chemically damaged hair that was once considered a lost cause, come to life with revival by Braé hair care. Its exclusive technology consists of a blend of vitamins that gradually and deeply restore all hair fiber layers. With revival, you can salvage damaged hair.

This line is composed of: 1 x Revival One 120ml 4.0 fl.oz | 1 x Revival Two 120ml 4.0 fl.oz

Main active ingredients: Keratin Protein, Wheat Protein, Silk Protein, Seaweed, Amino Acids, Macadamia Oil And Ojon Oil.


Keratin protein

Promotes hair vitality. Rich in glycine, cystine, cysteine, and essential amino acids. Replenishes the mass of the hair strands, allowing forconsistent and healthy growth.

Wheat protein

Helps repair the keratin layers in damaged hair, giving hair volume and shape.

Silk protein reduces porosity and aligns cuticles. Leaves hair soft, silky, and flexible. An excellent asset for tempering hair’s elastic effect.


Nourishing and revitalizing, rich in polysaccharides, natural vitamins, and amino acids, which act as biological anchors, storing water in the hair fiber, enhancing the hair’s silkiness and vibrance.

Amino acids

Amino acids are quaternary compounds that make up a portion of the hair’s proteins. When hair loses amino acids, it is important to replenish them, since they are essential to the reconstruction process.

Macadamia oil

Recommended for deep and long-lasting hydration. Contains omega 6, 7, and 9, vitamin e, which restores the softness and silkiness of dry and dull hair, strengthening the fibers and helping to protect the scalp. Hair becomes visibly healthier and shinier.

Ojon oil

Known as the “miracle of the caribbean”, this oil is rich in lipids, fatty acids, amino acids, and natural antioxidants, which are necessary for healthy hair. Deeply penetrates hair, obtaining the best results for damaged hair, since it recovers hair cells.