BRAE - Bleach Powder - Wanna be Blonde 500g

BRAE - Bleach Powder - Wanna be Blonde 500g

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Wanna Be Blond

Richly in collagen, the Wanna Be Blond line has superfast and uniform whitening. The bleaching powder Wanna Be Blond discoloured up to 9 shades, working in a harmonious way with Wanna Be Blond Ox to create majestic shades with supreme fiber preservation and radiant brilliance.

Crotein H: it acts as a protective agent during discoloration or wicking applications.

Splendor Oil MX 10: a technology that combines 10 oils in a powerful blend that leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy. This active contains the following oils: macadamia, peach, hazelnut, chiakukui, baobab, moringa, batana and canolaargan.

This line is composed of: 1 Bleach Powder 500g - 17.6oz

Main active ingredients: Crotein H and Splendor Oil MX 10.