Phyto Ativo - Purifiq Therapy Home Care Kit


Phyto Ativo - Purifiq Therapy Home Care Kit


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Product description

Purifiq Therapy is a natural therapy that solves hair imbalances from their origins, obtaining incredible results in healthy hair growth.

REGULATES THE CAPILLARY MICROBIOTA: Focused on maintaining and balancing the capillary microbiota, the Purifiq Therapy line strengthens the stratum corneum and follicles, treats and controls dermatitis, reduces irritation, itching and exacerbated sebum secretion. In addition to promoting thickening and prolonged hair growth, it also improves anchorage, reduces hair loss and has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory actions.

The Box Contains:

1x Cleanser Force Shampoo 300ml
1x Mask 300ml
1x Brushing Balm (leave-in) 300ml
1x Balance Lotion (tonic) 120ml

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