Brae - Defense Tonic Anti Hair Loss 60ml


Brae - Defense Tonic Anti Hair Loss 60ml


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Product description
Brae Defense Tonic has an association of high-performance actives, proven to be effective in anti-fall treatment. It acts directly on the hair bulb, stimulating hair growth, preventing hair loss and regulating the different stages of hair growth. Proven anti-fall effectiveness with complete use of the line.

Tonic Defense has three powerful assets: Baicapil, Keranutri and Anagain.

Baicapil: active composed of three plants that acts against hair loss. Reduces hair loss, stimulates hair growth and increases hair density, leaving hair fuller.

Keranutri: vegetable active that increases hair resistance, strength and elasticity. It stays on the hair surface longer, providing maximum efficiency. In addition, it repairs damage caused by chemical, mechanical and thermal processes.

Anagain: active from pea sprouts. Acts directly by increasing the anagen phase growth and shortens the telogen phase fall of the thread. It also stimulates the dermal papilla, inducing the growth of new hair.

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