BRAE - Revival Conditioner 250ml

BRAE - Revival Conditioner 250ml

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Revival Home Care

Home care line developed to revive highly damaged and weak hair. Its Innovative formula consists of a blend of vitamins that delicately create new structures in hair’s most damaged areas, leaving hair stronger and healthier.

This line is composed of: 1 x Revival Shampoo 250ml - 8.33 fl.oz | 1 x Revival Conditioner 250ml - 8.33 fl.oz | 1 x Revival Mask 250gr | 1 x Revival Shine Oil 60ml - 2.02 fl.oz | 1 x Revival Leave-in 250ml - 6.76 fl.oz | 1 x Revival Moisturizing Dry Spray 150ml - 5.07 fl.oz

Main active ingredients: Wheat protein, Silk protein, Panthenol and Seaweed.

Wheat protein

Helps repair the keratin layers in damaged hair, giving hair volume and shape.

Silk protein

Reduces porosity and aligns cuticles. Leaves hair soft, silky, and flexible. An excellent asset for tempering hair’s elastic effect.


A restorative and protective deep-acting and long-lasting moisturizer. Improves elasticity and flexibility, revitalizing hair from root to tip. Repairs damage caused by dyes, perms, and other chemical treatments, without weighing down hair.


Nourishing and revitalizing, rich in polysaccharides, natural vitamins, and amino acids, which act as a biological anchor, storing water in the hair fiber, Enhancing hair’s silkiness and vibrance.