Salvatore - Shampoo Bioplants Juventude 480ml


Salvatore - Shampoo Bioplants Juventude 480ml


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Product description

The bioplants line contains a compound of active ingredients, extracts and natural vitamins, such as: ginkco biloba, rosemary, anise, witch hazel, bamboo bud, guarana, jaborandi, aloe vera , arnica and red quinuina.

The set allows vasodilation of the cappilar bulbs and cell renewal of the dermis. They help the health of the scalp by stimulating hair growth.

The formula contains energetic substrates that help control dandruff, seborrhea and treat injuries caused by excess sebaceous production or scalp allergies.

Vitamins e (natural antioxidant), vitamin c (cellular regenerator), vitamin b3 (niacinamida-cell metabolism), vitamin b5 (calcium pantotenate), vitamin b6 (piridoxine- amino acids) promote cell regeneration of dermis.

One of the main extracts, menthol is responsible for vasodilation, cooling effect and asymptomatic relief of the scalp.

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