BRAE - Soul Color Oil Blend 60ml

BRAE - Soul Color Oil Blend 60ml

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What is Soul Color Oil Blend and what does it do?

The Soul Color Oil Blend, its antioxidant action helps in the protection of colour, moisturises, nourishes, seals and strengthens the hair. It continuous use recovers the dried ends.

Active ingredients:

  • Amla Oil, rich in vitamines and active ingredients with anti - free radicals. Amla oil is used by Indian to preserve their long strong and healthy hairs. It helps in prevention of the appearance of the grey hairs and impeding the loss of melanin.Emollient and nutritive, it has discipline action, aligns the cuticles, reduce frizz and enhance brightness.
  • Vitamine E, powerful antioxidant and conditioning agent for the capillary fibre. It protects the hair from oxidation responsible for the brightness, protection, softness and silkiness of the hair.

How to use and apply Step by Step

Contains: 1 x Soul Color Oil Blend

  1. Start by applying a few drops of Soul Color Oil Blend onto your palm of your hand. Then, distribute the product through your hair until it is fully absorbed
  2. Style as desired

Recommendation: In order to maximise the power of your capillary treatment mask, apply a few drops of the Soul Color Oil Blend.