CADIVEU - Sol do Rio - Home Care

CADIVEU - Sol do Rio - Home Care

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  • Cadiveu Sol do Rio Home Care Kit comes with 3 products
  • Includes Shampoo, Conditioner, and Re-Charge Protein
  • Ensures strong, light and radiant hair!
  • For all types of hair

Deep rebuild hair with extreme damage with The Cadiveu Sol Do Rio - home care kit! For all types of hair, especially extremely damaged hair. This home care kit includes Sol Do Rio Shampoo, Conditioner and Re-Charge Protein.

Sol Do Rio Shampoo:

It's the first step towards complete reconstruction and since you can't stop using a hairdryer, baby liss or doing chemical procedures. Indicated for damaged hair, extremely opaque and with dead ends. Sulfate-Free shampoo gives intense shine to the hair.

Sol Do Rio Conditioner:

The Sol do Rio Conditioner is the necessary reinforcement to give that “slap” on the locks. Highly nutritious, it smoothes cuticles to provide a soft touch and looser and lighter hair.

Indicated for damaged hair, extremely opaque and with dead ends.

Sol Do Rio Re-Charge Protein:

Try the three modes of use now:

Mask: Nourishes and restructures

Leave-in: Eliminates frizz, shapes waves and curls, in addition to protecting against fading and/or yellowing.

Main Actives

Amino acids + coconut water reconstructs hair with the severely damaged cortex, amplifies the strength from the heart of the fibre, donates lightness and radiant shine.