BRAE - Revival - Power Dose - 12ml

BRAE - Revival - Power Dose - 12ml

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What is Revival Power Dose and what does it do?

The Revival Power Dose, highly concentrated liquid for coloured or streaked hair. It promote moist, intense emollience and antioxidant action

Active ingredients:

  • This Caribbean miracle elixir is dense in lipids, fatty acids, amino acids and natural antioxidants which work together to create healthy hair. The oil enters hair follicles and recovers hair cells in order to get the best results for broken and damaged hair through its function of working on a micro scale
  • Amino acids are the building blocks of hair proteins. A loss of amino acids in the hair can be detrimental and it is very important to replenish them to maintain hair reconstruction.
  • Keratin proteinPromotes hair strength. Rich in Glycine, cystine, cysteine and packed with essential amino acids which aids in replenishing the weights of hair strands for a more consistent and healthy hair growth for the user

How to use and apply Step by Step

Contains: 1 x Revival Power Dose

  1. Start by applying a few drops of Revival onto your palm of your hand or straight into the hair. Then, distribute the product through your hair until it is fully absorbed, leave 3 minute and rinse.
  2. Style as desired