BRAE - Revival Mask 500gr

BRAE - Revival Mask 500gr

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Revival Mask

Harness the power to revive hair at Home! Braé hair care introduces the Revival mask. The next level in Intensely reviving severely damaged Hair. The revival rescue mask has Active ingredients that help revive Hair fibers and create a protective Cocoon around hair strands, keeping Them moisturized and protected. Forget weak hair after experiencing The reconstructive power of revival.

This line is composed of: 1 x Revival Shampoo 1L – 8.33 fl.oz | 1 x Revival Conditioner 1L – 8.33 fl.oz | 1 x Revival Mask 500gr | 1 x Revival Shine Oil 60ml – 2.02 fl.oz | 1 x Revival Leave-in 250ml – 6.76 fl.oz | 1 x Revival Moisturizing Dry Spray 150ml – 5.07 fl.oz

Main active ingredients: Ojon oil, Amino acids and Keratin protein

Ojon oil

Known as the “miracle of the Caribbean”, this oil is rich in lipids, Fatty acids, amino acids, and natural Antioxidants, which are necessary for Healthy hair. Deeply penetrates hair, Obtaining the best results for Damaged hair, since it recovers hair Cells.

Amino acids

Amino acids are quaternary Compounds that make up a portion of The hair’s proteins. When hair loses Amino acids, it is important to Replenish them, since they are Essential to the capillary Reconstruction process.

Keratin protein

Promotes hair vitality. Rich in glycine, Cystine, cysteine, and essential amino Acids. Replenishes the mass of the hair Strands, allowing for consistent and Healthy growth.