BRAE - Revival Leave-In 200ml

BRAE - Revival Leave-In 200ml

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What is the Revival Leave-in Intense Repair & Shine and what does it do?

The Revival Leave-in Repair & Shine is a formidable finalizer that in addition to catering for brushing, it deeply nourishes hair and repairs damage according to the needs of each part of the hair fibre. Engineered using an innovative formula, this product provides silkiness, a healthy appearance and well managed hair.

Active ingredients:


  • A deep-acting, long-lasting moisturizer that possesses restorative and protective properties to enrich hair elasticity and flexibility by working its way through root to tip. Panthenol rebuilds damage caused by dyes, perms and other chemical treatments without compromising on weighing down hair.

How to use and apply Step by Step

Contains: 1 x Revival Leave-in Intense Repair & Shine

  1. Start by applying Revival Leave-in directly to dry or wet hair, starting from the hair tip and working your way through the hair. Avoid applying the product to the root and rinsing is nit required after product application
  2. Finish by styling as desired