PIUR - Rebonding Keraplex Shampoo 1L

PIUR - Rebonding Keraplex Shampoo 1L

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  • Who: unruly, frizzy or curly hair
  • What: conditions, reduces frizz and straightens
  • When: every 3-4 months
  • Includes 1 Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1L
  • Rebuilds damaged areas, increasing shine and reducing frizz.

The Rebonding shampoo is the first step to achieve your luxurious locks. Our advanced formula prepares hair for the keratin treatment by carefully opening the individual cuticles on each strand of hair. Utilizing the power of Ormagel (seaseed and marine algae extract), the shampoo leaves the hair strengthened and healthy with its cuticles open and ready to receive Step 2 Keraplex.


Promotes the deep removal of residues, preparing the hair for the full action of the volume reducer.


Conditioning treatment with high alignment and volume reduction capacity, resulting in hair that is easy to control, soft, and shiny.


Removes build up while opening the cuticles to prepare hair for the treatment.

Leaves hair shiny, soft and smooth while protecting it.

Straightens and eliminates frizz for up to four months.


Active ingredients:

  • Ormagel (Seaweed Marine Algae Extract)

How To Use:

1. Wash the hair twice with the Rebonding Shampoo - step 1. Three times if necessary.

2. Using a hairdryer, dry 50% of the hair.

3. Using a brush and a comb, apply the Rebonding KERAPLEX - step 2 on the full length of the hair and leave it to rest on the hair for 20 – 40 minutes.

4. Rinse 70% of the product from the hair with lukewarm/cold water.

5. Blow-dry the hair 100% using a rounded or paddle brush.

6. Apply the iron up to 10 times with straightener at 180°C for blondes and fine hair and up to 230°C for thick and coarse hair.

7. Only necessary if there is outstanding product still noticeable in the hair. After applying the straightener, rinse the hair again in lukewarm/cold water. DO NOT shampoo it.

Expert Advice:

Apply the MASK THERAPY - step 3. (follow the application instruction). Then apply the finaliser and finish as desired.

Product Safety

Dermatologically tested.

Not suitable for children under 7 years.

To be used under the direct adult supervision.


Not suitable for women who are pregnant