PIUR Professional - ReactivePro Smooth Therapy 1000ml

PIUR Professional - ReactivePro Smooth Therapy 1000ml

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Piur ReactivePro Smooth Therapy

The PIUR Smooth Therapy Treatment uses a unique combination of active ingredients which release free radicals and impurities from the hair by squeezing out dirty atmospheric moisture, leaving the hair in its purest form. The space created within the cortex from the removal of unwanted and damaging free radicals is then replaced with strengthening polymers and a blend of collagen, coconut oil, argan oil and olive oil which strengthens and repairs damaged bonds within the cortex. The PIUR Smooth Therapy Treatment makes each hair fibre stronger, smoother and sleeker than ever before with a super shine finish and a perfect balance of protein and moisture that is essential for the vitality of hair. The long-lasting effects of this treatment will give your client faster drying time, superb manageability and a frizz-free finish. For the ultimate smoothing and strengthening experience it is PIUR and simple.

This line is composed of: ReactivePro Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1000ml | 1 ReactivePro Smooth Therapy 1000ml | ReactivePro Therapy Mask 500gr