SALVATORE - J Cortex Recons. Capillary Cond. 500

SALVATORE - J Cortex Recons. Capillary Cond. 500

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  • Strength and resilience
  • Replacement of amino acid and protein layers
  • Maintenance of natural flexibility.
  • Cortex Reconstruction


The main active ingredient of treatment J is the Luna Matrix, a compound that combines several important amino acids that are present in keratin, such as cysteine, alanine, and arginine. Together they create a Single System that restructures hair from the cortex and recreates lost capillary mass by filling in fissures. This effect returns hair to its original condition and provides extra protection for future mechanical and oxidative damage. The compound enables great interaction and permeation, mainly in hair that has a higher mass loss, such as hair that has suffered from chemical processes, damage caused by radiation or is naturally fragile. Its formula also contains D-Pantenol – pantothenic acid – acting in the synthesis of lipids and protein, providing greater moisture retention and strength to the collagen fibers of the hair and thus preventing split ends.