SALVATORE - I Healthy Scalp - Shampoo 1L

SALVATORE - I Healthy Scalp - Shampoo 1L

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  • Stimulates growth
  •  It prevents hair loss.
  • Assists in the control of oiliness
  • Dandruff Control and the proliferation of fungi;


The stimulating shampoo I contains a formula composed of plant extracts and vitamins to create cellular regeneration, strengthen the hair bulb, and balance the sebaceous gland. Provides energy substrates that enable the production and renewal of cells, which results in a healthy and rejuvenated scalp and new hair growth. Vitamin E has a natural antioxidant function, because it protects the hair from free radicals Complex of B vitamins are necessary for cellular metabolism, responsible for the synthesis of hormones and protein. It stimulates the blood circulation of the dermis and activates the transport of oxygen to the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth. Menthol, It has a high concentration that causes a cooling effect and becomes a vasodilator of the blood capillaries, transporting a greater amount of oxygen to the cells of the scalp.