CADIVEU - Hair Remedy - Conditioner 250 mL

CADIVEU - Hair Remedy - Conditioner 250 mL

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Conditioner for damaged hair. Cadiveu Hair Remedy Conditioner untangles and conditions hair strands returning essential nutrients to stay healthy. Develops essential nutrients, providing tridimensional smoothness and shine to opaque and damaged hair. Its rich formula helps recover hair fibres from damage.

Cadiveu Hair Remedy Conditioner has reconstructive ingredients that act from inside the hair strands, In addition, it provides a healthy three-dimensional shine. Your hair will get untangled, conditioned and healthy, with repair damage, softness and shine.


3D Maxx Injection: exclusive technology that recovers hair from damage, making it more resistant. It acts on the reconstruction from the inside of the hair strands, ensuring health and beauty.

Patuá Oil: originating from the Amazon palm tree, it is rich in essential fatty acids. It hydrates, restoring the softness of the hair strands, besides helping in the porosity combat and in the protection.

Biopolymers: regenerate the capillary fibres from the interior, promoting a deep repair.