CADIVEU - Glamour - Ruby Conditioner 250ml

CADIVEU - Glamour - Ruby Conditioner 250ml

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Ingredients: Its exclusive formulation contains Cysteine ​​and Ruby Microparticles.

Cysteine: Amino acid responsible for the recovery of the hair, regenerating it from the inside

Ruby microparticles: Promotes an intense and long-lasting shine, due to its natural scintillation

  • The Cadiveu Glamour Ruby Conditioner
  • For coloured or bleached hair
  • Shine and softness results
  • Can combine with Ruby Shampoo
  • Light formulation

The Glamour Ruby Conditioner specially developed for chemically treated, coloured or bleached hair. Eliminates porosity, frizz and protects the colour of the threads. The Glamor Ruby Conditioner featuring a velvety touch and health to the hair! With light formulation, it is indicated for daily use and all types of hair.