CADIVEU - Glamour Gloss Thermo-Rubi 30mL

CADIVEU - Glamour Gloss Thermo-Rubi 30mL

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  • Thermal protection
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Provides sparkling shine
  • No frizz with rubi
  • Super smelling!

Essential to achieve sparkling shine for the locks! Rubies are priceless and so is Thermo rubi! The Gloss Termo Ruby eliminates frizz, neutralizes odors and has thermal protection to ensure the daily care of the wires.


Its exclusive formulation contains Cysteine ​​and Ruby Microparticles.

Cysteine: Amino acid responsible for the recovery of the hair, regenerating it from the inside.

Ruby microparticles: Promotes an intense and long-lasting shine, due to its natural scintillation.

Application Advice:

Use on clean and dry hair. If you prefer, apply to damp hair, comb as usual and start brushing!


Hair with sparkling shine, without frizz and super smelling!