CADIVEU - Glamour - Crystal Liquid 65ml

CADIVEU - Glamour - Crystal Liquid 65ml

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  • Provides shine, nutrition and softness
  • A repairing serum for all hair types
  • Eliminates frizz and repairs the ends
  • Maximum nourishment
  • Multifunctional treatment oil

Cadiveu Glamour Crystal Liquid has in its formulation special silicones that form a protective barrier in the cuticles. Finishes the hairstyle and provides maximum discipline and shine to the hair! Eliminates frizz and repairs the ends, providing a satin touch and precious shine to the hair.

Multifunctional treatment oil that provides shine, nutrition and softness. It forms a protective barrier that leaves the hair soft, smooth to the touch and prevents the formation of frizz. It is light, as it is not greasy and does not weigh on the hair.


With exclusive formula, the Liquid Crystal has a blend of silicones specially selected to bring more shine and softness to the wires. This combination provides repair and smoothness without an oily touch.

Cysteine: Amino acid responsible for the recovery of the hair, regenerating it from the inside.

Ruby microparticles: Promotes an intense and long-lasting shine, due to its natural scintillation.

Application Advice:

Apply a small amount to the palms of your hands, and then spread over the length of the clean, dry hair.


Hair with radiant shine!