SALVATORE - G Cuticle's  - 500 mL

SALVATORE - G Cuticle's - 500 mL

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  • Force Repair
  • Intense Pro - Cauterising
  • Nutri - Replacement
  • Hair colour sealer
  • Tames and reduces split ends
  • Thermo Leave in


Product G provides full cuticle repair, strengthens and protects the cuticles.  Its formula contains tannin associated with wheat germ proteins that repair all cuticle layers, fill in the fissures and retain inner humidity of the fibres. The use of this product is essential in many treatments: when the wheat protein is bound to other amino acids, it intensifies repair and sealing, increases the adhesion of active ingredients and provides strength and density to the layers affected by chemical and physical protocols. The combination of the three active components tannin, hydrolysed keratin, and hydrolysed wheat protein results in a safe and unique treatment. Hydrolyzed proteins have great penetration and high absorption.