Eco Keratin Kit 110 mL

Eco Keratin Kit 110 mL

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  • Withstands humidity
  • Revitalizes and conditions
  • Removes the frizz
  • Suitable for all types of hair

The Brasil Cacau Eco Keratin Kit 110ml comes with anti residue shampoo, eco keratin hair treatment and deep conditioning mask. The application of heat from the hairdryer as well as the straightening iron activate the vital components of Brasil Cacau keratin treatment product.

The keratin treatment will give your softer, healthier hair without any frizz. Suitable for all hair types, especially curly and wavy.

Anti Residue Shampoo 110 ml: Unlocks the cuticle. Serves as the basis for further keratin treatment.

Eco Keratin Hair Treatment 110 ml: restructures the hair, making it smooth and frizz-free up to 3 months! It is suitable for professional use only. Dermatologically tested.

Deep Conditioning Mask 110 ml: This magnificent mask normalizes the pH level of hair and seals the cuticles.


  • Withstands humidity
  • Revitalizes and conditions
  • Removes the frizz
  • Softens and closes the cuticle
  • Make the hair more manageable
  • Expedites the styling procedures
  • Works well with all hair types