BRAE - Gorgeous Shampoo 250ml

BRAE - Gorgeous Shampoo 250ml

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  • Much stronger, full-bodied, and voluminous hair
  • Helps to control scalp oiliness and retains water
  • Made with biotin, panthenol, wheat protein, and amino acids
  • Free of salt and parabens
  • Gorgeous Volume Shampoo Fuller Than Ever by Brae


Made with biotin, panthenol, wheat protein, and amino acids, and free of salt and parabens, it tones the hair, balances the excessive oiliness of the scalp, provides shine and resistance to the hair.

Gorgeous Volume Shampoo for fine and straight hair. Much stronger, full-bodied, and voluminous hair. It helps to control scalp oiliness and retains water, giving more body to the hair.


Panthenol acts deeply, acting as a long-lasting moisturizer with restorative and protective action. It improves elasticity and flexibility, revitalizing the hair from root to tip. Panthenol repairs damage caused by dyes, perms, and other chemicals without weighing the hair.

The combination of a hydrolyzed wheat protein molecule with amino acids favors the repair of the keratin scales of damaged hair, giving the hair volume and shape.


The shampoo contains biotin, which helps to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, contributing to the growth of new hair.


On wet hair, apply Gorgeous Volume Shampoo and wash lightly to remove residues that prevent foaming. Rinse well. Reapply by gently massaging the scalp until it forms a creamy foam. Rinse again.


A much stronger, fuller and bulkier hair!