BRAE - Plex Effect Home Care 100ml

BRAE - Plex Effect Home Care 100ml

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Plex Effect Bond Fortifier - Step 3

Bond Fortifier - Step 3, is the final, but indispensable, step of bond angel transformations. Its use twice a week seals the recovery procedure of the bridges and guarantees maximum beauty, luminosity and integrity to the hair, for an always stunning look.

Bond Angel has a smaller special molecule that is more easily absorbed by the threads, acting on the recovery of the hair fiber and increasing the resistance on any tension caused by chemicals.

Keratin Complex: this protein compound acts together with the Hydrolysed Collagen protein in the recovery of the broken sulfide bridges and creates a protective film on the recovered bridges.

Prodew 500: a mixture of actives that promotes the multiplication of the sulfide bridges recovered by the action of the Hydrolysed Collagen protein next to the Keratin Complex molecule.

This line is composed of: 1 Bond Fortifier 100ml - 3.38fl.oz 

Main active ingredients: Keratin Complex and Prodew 500.