CADIVEU - Blonde Rec. - Professional Kit

CADIVEU - Blonde Rec. - Professional Kit

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  • Absolute reconstruction and damage prevention before, during and after discolouration treatments.

Main Actives:

Inspired by the rarest and most precious pearls, Blonde Reconstructor's unique formula with cyclodextrin, Octyl Restoration Protein and Pearl Protein has been developed with molecular encapsulation technology to provide a special, instant defence mechanism that protects and keeps blonde hair intact and healthy. The instant solution against the 5 most common blonde hair problems: breakage, frizz, porosity, unwanted yellow and orange tones, hair turning green after swimming.

How to use:

1. Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1l - Purifying shampoo with a slightly acidic pH that removes heavy metals and minerals. It prevents undesirable reactions during the lightening process and improves the absorption of nutrients in cosmetic treatments.

2. Fiber Filler 1l - Mask with a slightly acidic pH and low molecular weight proteins that internally recovers the hair fibre from the cortex and improves the hair's resistance against future breakage and damage.

3. pH Balancing Mask 1l - Balancing Mask with pearl proteins and lipids that rebalances the pH of bleached hair while reducing porosity and deeply seals the cuticles, making hair strong and shiny.

4. Blonde Lock 200ml - No-rinse with adhesive proteins and sunscreen that prevents copper and green colour caused by the pool. It reduces hair porosity, blocks humidity, seals double ends and provides long-lasting frizz control.

5. Unbroken Blonde Plex 1L

Step 5 - Plex:

Combine bleaching powder + oxidizer as usual. Add 6 grams of Unbroken Blonde to 20 grams of bleaching powder. Mix well to create a homogenous mass and start the bleaching process.


Highlighter Protector 1L- Ideal for damaged and bleached hair- Prevents breakage and maintains the health of the thread intact. Provides 70% extra protection against damage during the bleaching process.