SALVATORE - Blond Repair System Kit 300 Ml

SALVATORE - Blond Repair System Kit 300 Ml

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Total injection repair Acts directly on salt and hydrogen bonds, recovering and strengthening the ionic bonds lost by oxidative processes. Restores keratin lost over time by chemical and physical agents. Fills in the inner layers, controls elasticity and resilience of hair, and prevents future breakage. It provides a moisture barrier defense that retains the water and lipids within the hair strands, keeping them very shiny and silky, even after the discoloration processes.

Fiber Force

Recovery and immediate replacement of the internal capillary mass. With its high-performance and power of penetration rich blend of lipophilic complexes acting in the hair fiber, it increases the affinity and the interaction with internal and external lipid capillary structures, providing multi-level care to repair damage and restore healthy hair. Acts intelligently on all levels, from the cuticle to the cortex, with positive bioactive effects restoring the original condition of the hair and allowing the hair fibe to return to its natural state with extra protection against future mechanical and oxidative damage. Helps stabilize the pH and creates a protective film around each hair, deeply hydrating it, protecting the color, and making it silky and soft.

Serum reconstructor Rich in D-panthenol, collagen, and elastin that repair the hair fiber and provide resilience and protection. Recovers the lipid wetting after lightening. Active lubricant compound to enable excellent capillary stem realignment.
Detangles hair after chemical procedures. Complements hair mass replacement treatment, improving appearance and
sensory touch, intensifying shine, and turning stressed hair into healthy looking hair. Split ends repair and high thermal protection against effects from hair styling,
flat irons, and sun exposure.


  • Capillary mass reconstruction and repository system;
  • Greater hair discoloration during the lightening process.