CADIVEU - Acai Treatment Oil 110ml

CADIVEU - Acai Treatment Oil 110ml

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  • The Treatment Oil 110ml eliminates frizz
  • Gives shine, nourishment
  • Deeply restores the hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Anti-frizz effect with acai oil

Multifunctional treatment oil that provides shine, nutrition and anti-frizz effect. In addition to being the only oil with sun protection, foolproof to protect the color of the threads against yellowing and fading. Suitable for all types of hair.

The Treatment Oil 110ml eliminates frizz, promotes shine, nourishment and deeply restores the hair, keeping the threads light and soft.


Nourishes damaged hair, fights frizz and provides intense shine to the hair. It also has antioxidant action that helps prevent capillary aging.

Application Advice:

Apply a small amount to the palms of your hands, and then spread over the length of the clean, dry hair. It can also be used on damp hair.


Your hair is restored, without frizz, with extreme shine and softness.